Soul Tree Client/Consultation Forms

Here are a few of the Client/Consultation forms that Soul Tree™ will need to be filled out and completed (such as the Client Consultation, Confidential Client Health History, and, applicable Client Consent Form) prior to you receiving a service. Along with one that Soul Tree™ would like and appreciate you to complete after receiving your service (the Client Feedback Form).

These forms will also be provided for you to complete upon your arrival to the Soul Tree Studio for your scheduled appointment. You may complete these forms at the studio, or, print, fill out, and complete the applicable forms, prior to your arrival to the Soul Tree Studio for your scheduled appointment, to bring in with you:

Client Consent Form
Client Consent - Chemical Peels
Client Consent - Lash & Brow Tinting
Client Consent - Microdermabrasion
Client Consent - Waxing
Client Consultation
Client Feedback Form (for multi-employee spa)
Client Feedback Form (for solo esthetician)
Client Skin Analysis
Client Treamtment Plan
Client's Regimen For Home Care
Confidential Client Health History
Confidential Client Health History Update
Dermaplaning Information Sheet
Health History LED
Health History Microcurrent
Informed Consent LED
Informed Consent Microcurrent
Lash Extension Aftercare
Lash Extension Consent
Lash Extension History
Microdermabrasion Information
Parental Consent Form
Post-treatment Chemical Peels
Post-treatment Waxing
Progressive Treatment Record
Sales Receipt Form
Services Contract - Sample

We thank you for your time and consideration.


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