Soul Tree Practitioner(s)

Soul Tree Practitioners are licensed and certified professionals within their fields; having and obtaining specialized training and education in various modalities that help in obtaining and sustaining beauty, health, and wellness holistically; mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Soul Tree Massage Therapist

Soul Tree Skin Care Therapist

Soul Tree Aroma Therapist


Soul Tree Cosmetologist


Soul Tree Barber (coming soon)

Soul Tree Hair Care Therapist (coming soon)

Soul Tree Nail Care Therapist (coming soon)

Soul Tree Herbalist (coming soon)

Soul Tree Acupuncturist (coming soon)


Soul Tree Ayurvedic Guide/Practitioner (coming soon)

Soul Tree Nutritionist (coming soon)


Soul Tree Holistic Counselor, Life Coach, Talk Therapist (coming soon)


Soul Tree Mind Body Guiders (coming soon):

Soul Tree Yoga Instructors

Soul Tree Tai Chi Instructors

Soul Tree Qi Gong Instructors 









Soul Tree™...rooted & grounded in the life, soil, & art of holistic beauty, health, & wellness™


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